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Temp Power Box CCI Cat #01970 also known as a Spider Box. It features a common 50 Amp CS-Style (Construction Site) inlet and outlet for daisy-chain capability as well as 6-20 Amp 125 Volt U-Grd (T/L available) receptacles GFCI module protected, and 1-30 Amp 250 Volt L6-30 T/L receptacle.


A 50amp 6/4 tenFt pigtail also known as a supply connector, comes standard with a 50amp 125/250 volt connector CS/6364. The Supply Connector connects to an existing power source and is the "starter" for daisy:chain tempower boxes.


A basic example of daisy-chained Temp Power Boxes.


A 50 Amp Feeder Cable with CS-Style 125/250 Volt devices. Standard lengths are 50' and 100'. Custom lengths readily available upon request.


A 50 Amp 6/4 "Y" Adapter with CS-Style 125/250 Volt devices. The "Y" Adapter permits the use of 2 Feeder Cables from 1 receptacle.


We stock many brands of 50 Amp 125/250 Volt CS-Style devices as well as a variety of devices in other amperages and voltages.


A variety of extension cords are available in sizes from 12/3 to 10/3 in standard 50' and 100' lengths with various devices attached.


A variety of Pigtail, "Y" and "W" Adapters are available in assorted configurations.



Booster Box Cat #52520. Increased voltage drop may occur as more Temp Power Boxes are daisy-chained together on long runs, the Boooster Box compensates for the possible voltage drop.


A variety of molded UL Listed and OSHA approved Light Streamers are available in various configurations from 12/3 to 10/5 SO Cord.


Many brands of Pin and Sleeve devices are readily available either individually or in a cable assembly from 60 amp thru 400 amp.