Power Distribution Center

The Power Distribution Center connects easily to a 480 Volt 3 Phase supply source.  Once energized, the transformer powers up the  208/120 Volt panelboard and all related receptacles.  The plug together system is then ready for use.  Robust quality features include powder coat finish, metal flip covers and stainless steel hardware.  The compact durable design makes it an excellent choice.  Contact us for more information.

Power Distribution Box

A typical power distribution box features a 50 Amp CS-Style inlet and outlet for feed thru capability as well as 6 20 Amp receptacles GFCI protected and 1 30 amp 250 volt T/L receptacle.  The box plugs into one of the many 50 Amp receptacles provided in the Power Distribution Center.


We stock  replacement parts including plugs, connectors, receptacles, circuit breakers, covers and much more. Contact us for your needs.

Power Cords

A 50 Amp Feeder Cable is used to connect the Power Distribution Center to the Power Distribution Box and is typically 6/3 - 8/1 or 6/4 cord and supplied with a CS-6364 connector (female) and CS-6365 plug (male).  Standard lengths are 50' and 100'.   

We have many other types of cord and configurations available.  Contact us for solutions.